Project Description

Re-brand of company identity; logo, visual message, photo direction and website design. The look and feel of the new website focuses more on the lifestyle and stories behind the personality of the user and target woman, as opposed to solely on the clothes themselves. The busy London lifeĀ  of the W11 woman, her cultural interests and social preferences are at the heart of the new imagery. The brand appeals to women who are ambitious, self secure and self accomplished. The photos also reflect the understated and effortless chic design with its details and muted colors.

‘She wears a beautiful piece of simple cashmere though out several daily events; the sort of events that a self-secure and accomplished woman would go to, who is in control of her own life. She is capable of effortlessly doing all of these tasks herself and always looks beautiful, calm, chic and confident whilst doing them, in clothes that help her be who she is.’